About Us

Hi, I’m Shailen Vandeyar

I have been fishing for over 20 years. I was introduced to fishing by my parents as a young boy, fishing with nothing but nightcrawlers and a bobber for bluegill at a local pond.

Since then, I’ve caught thousands of fish and learned dozens of techniques. I’ve fished in ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Fishing is my passion. My stress relief. My sanctuary.

I hope to share some of my love and knowledge of fishing here with you.

I am NOT a professional angler. I have never fished a tournament; that never appealed to me. I am simply a fisherman who enjoys catching fish and escaping reality for a while.

Starting around high school, I started watching professional anglers to learn how I could be better.

I read books, attended seminars, and soaked in every bit of information I could to make my trips to lake more productive.

And soon enough, I was catching loads of fish and leaving other anglers scratching their heads with empty livewells.

What I Aim To Do With Fishing Is Bliss?

This is not intended to be a blog for me to write only about the specific products and gear you need to catch fish.

I share the tackle and gear that I like and personally use, but my articles are intended to help you fish no matter your budget or equipment.

You can catch the fish of a lifetime on a Barbie rod if you know where fish live and how they eat. It’s just a lot easier with the type of gear I may recommend in the “Gear” section.

Instead, I hope to teach you how to catch fish with whatever you have. I want you to be able to go to your local pond and pull out fish when no one else is able to get a bite.

Some of the things I write about take time and practice. Others, you can begin doing immediately the next time you hit the lake.

All of them will help you understand how fish live, where they are at during different seasons and even time of day, and how you can catch them no matter your skill level. I will not be very scientific.

I am not smart enough to explain the biology of why a trout has better sight than a catfish.

But I can teach you why that’s important and how it can affect what type of fishing line you should use if your trout fishing. Or why scent is an important consideration for catfish.

If you find anything useful, I would appreciate you subscribing to the mailing list. Even better, comment with your results or any information you may have that I did not include.

Anglers are known to not give away their secret spot – but sharing information is the only way to build a community and ensure the sport we all love dearly continues strong into the future.

Sharing my website and articles with your friend is even more helpful in growing the community. My goal is to help everyone catch more fish – your help in doing so is appreciated.

My Team

Since I am not an expert at everything, I have a superb team that helps us with well-researched, factually correct, and super useful content.

A huge shoutout to Daniel Mooers, Gage Dewsbury, Joe Brimingham, Shashank Verma, and Bharti Negi!

We all love to know about fishing! Each one of us at Fishing Is Bliss is an enthusiast in one area or another.

From freshwater to saltwater, from rods to reels, and from bass to trout, we have you covered!

Looking forward to hearing from you.