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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out which is the best inshore fishing rod, then we’d recommend the KastKing Royale Legend Rod as the best one.

Inshore fishing is a variation of sea fishing in which you adhere to shallower waters. You’ll usually be fishing in water that’s less than a hundred feet deep. What does this mean for the fishermen’s gear, though?

The majority of your equipment for inshore angling will be lighter than the typically heavy rods and reels. However, you obviously won’t be using a tackle meant to catch something like a panfish.

Best Rods For Inshore Fishing

KastKing Royale Legend Rod

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod

Penn Battalion Inshore Spinning Rod

Okuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

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kastking royale legend

4.4 stars



Premium quality. Friendly price. Anything else?



St. Croix Mojo

4.3 stars

Have some money? Try this one.



Penn Battalion

4.3 stars

A trustworthy rod garnering great reviews.



Okuma Nomad Xpress

4.3 stars

A worthy mid-budget rod from Okuma.



ugly stik elite

4.2 stars

Best inshore rod for a small budget.


Before We Begin

Sticking near to the coast should give you a much more manageable and pleasant experience of fishing. Inshore fish can get quickly terrified, so the longer rod will undoubtedly allow you to cast additionally from your boat without scaring them.

The medium action that is available is quite helpful, given that you could be getting something that turns out to be a little tougher than expected, as well as the pressure will undoubtedly be dispersed a lot more equally along the pole. A go-to inshore rod does not have to damage the budget plan; however, it might take a little searching to discover the ideal one.

To be clear, there will certainly always be a direct relationship between pole price and high quality. We want to review the best inshore fishing rods and their different qualities now to assist you in choosing the most effective inshore rods for your fishing strategy.

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Rods For Inshore Fishing

KastKing Royale Legend rod comes out as the best choice among the various rods reviewed here as it scores the highest when tested against different parameters. Also, an in-depth analysis here tells you how other rods have fared and how they match against the ‘Editor’s Choice‘.

UGLY STIK Elite Spinning Rod


4.2 stars

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Pier fishing friendly
  • Impressive performance
  • Mid-budget price
  • Bit weak for long castings
  • Offshore fishing won’t be great
  • Groovy eyelets are harmful for the line


Ugly Stik Elite can be found in lengths up to 7′ 6″ and in weights from ultralight to medium-heavy. The Ugly Stik Elite has comfy cork grips for repeated casting, and also the cork will undoubtedly last for deep-sea use. The handle length is long enough for usage with any kind of rod holders.

The Elite Series is offered in a wide range of combinations best matched for freshwater and also inshore fishing. For your inshore fishing applications, we would suggest one of the mid-size or hefty rods in 6′ 6″ size or longer.


This is a composite rod with 35 percent graphite construction, which pertains to a durable and also robust rod with lighter weight. The Elite series consists of resilient stainless-steel guides that will certainly preserve their inserts versus harsh deep-sea saltwater.

Ugly Stik’s Elite Fishing pole collection includes UglyTech modern technology as well as the UglyTuff stainless-steel guides made from one strong piece for maximized sturdiness and stability in rough deep-sea settings. Provided with comfy full-cork grasps, the unbreakable pole included within is made up of graphite and fiberglass for optimum efficiency.


It is light and resilient while providing reasonable casting distance and also precision for recurring casting from a pier or various other structures. The action is well matched to fishing with the live lure from docks or inshore. The tip of Ugly Stik Elite is sensitive as well as it allows for exceptional line control.

The conical structure cast synthetic or live lure with equivalent convenience. The Ugly Stik patented Clear Tip design makes sure there is always ideal durability on some of the most breakable parts of your pole. For inshore fishing, the stainless-steel guides, graphite build, and also appropriate sizes make this a top inshore rod in our eyes.

maintenance & repair Cost

With maintenance, the Ugly Stik Elite will undoubtedly last a very long time and also offer many saltwater angling techniques. The reputable Ugly Stik trademark name is backed up with a 7-year easy to avail warranty. The high integrity of Ugly Stik is challenging to compete with.

The reputation of the Elite Rod series always stands up to the Ugly Stik name.


The Ugly Stik Elite is the best inshore rod for the money. A functional and qualified rod, a few sizes of this rod, would undoubtedly be sufficient for a lot of fish in North America as and when desired.

KASTKING Royale Legend Rod


4.4 stars


  • Extremely versatile rod for different types of fishing techniques
  • Lifetime warranty is a huge surplus
  • Might fall short on length
  • Inferior baitcasting reel seat as compared to the spinning model


KastKing can be found in both spinning and baitcasting setups, and in the mid-weights in between 6′ 6″ and 7′ 6″ lengths. The general finishing, as well as design of the Royale Legend, is attractive and also seems of high quality like far more costly rods. The handle is of composite foam build, and also the baitcasting one is remarkably comfortable.


The Royale Legend pole blank is made from a carbon compound with demanding precision. The building material produces a resilient and lightweight pole with superb sensitivity at higher weights. The line guides are Fuji o-ring guides, which are famous for their top quality and resilience.


The KastKing Royale can additionally prove to be beneficial for numerous freshwater fishing applications with the correct reel set up and also is flexible for fishers who fish in all kinds of waters. Paired with either a spinning reel or baitcasting reel, the KastKing Royale Legend fishing rod will undoubtedly be appropriate for both offshore and also inshore usage.

maintenance & repair Cost

The Royale Legend is made from a highly sturdy carbon composite product. It remains lightweight while maintaining strength and sturdiness. By the way, did you know that KastKing also offers a lifetime warranty on these rods?


Featuring high- qualities and functioning like some expensive rods, the KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rod is nowhere near them when it comes to the cost, and this is precisely what makes it an irresistible buy.

PENN Battalion Inshore Spinning Rod


4.3 stars

  • Comfortable rubber gimbals prevent damage
  • Lots of sizes to choose from
  • Variety of power ratings available
  • Not the most portable of rods


Extra-light, light, medium-light, and also medium rods include split and also full-cork holds with a Fuji ACS soft-touch skeletal system reel seat. Fishers will undoubtedly value the lightweight feeling of this pole.

All versions of Battalion Inshore Spinning Rods have rubber gimbals that are soft yet resilient, as well as can reduce the pain that conventional metal gimbals create while battling the big catches. Further, they won’t damage your boat either. The pole is sensibly mobile in terms of carrying around, yet bear in mind it is a 1-piece rod.


The one-piece, 30-ton one hundred percent graphite blank is extremely sensitive in Penn’s lightweight inshore poles, offering flex, sensitivity, and also pulling power. To optimize casting ranges, spinning designs feature Fuji SV or Y stainless-steel structures with aluminum-oxide inserts.

The Battalion line is built from 30-ton 100% graphite rod blanks for strength and also an extreme level of sensitivity.


The Penn Battalion Inshore Spinning Rods are a few of the most effective inshore rods you’d ever come across. They feature rapid action for exact spin-casting, as well as have sufficient foundation to manage whatever you deal with. The Battalion Inshore Fishing pole is available from 6′ 6″ to 8′ 0″.

They provide a lot of activity, equilibrium, as well as durability for all kinds of inshore and also nearshore deep sea fishing. The rod power is extra light-extra heavy, and you couldn’t have asked for more variety, which implies you can tailor your tackle to your exact fishing place as well as objective.

The seventeen available inshore spinning versions range in length from 6 feet 6 inches to 8 feet.

maintenance & repair Cost

The sturdy construction of the Battalion 2 inshore rod ensures that these rods do not bow down to the harshness of saltwater and instead catch even the toughest of fishes with remarkable ease. They won’t trouble you asking for constant repairs and the money invested in them once will be money well invested.


Since the Battalion inshore rod has been developed explicitly for inshore fishing, therefore it incorporates some fancy features which increase the price range you must be willing to shell out in case you want to buy this beauty. All in all, it is a trustworthy rod that is garnering great reviews in the angler community.

ST. CROIX Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod


4.3 stars

  • Fast action with distant casting
  • High sensitivity
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Mobility lost to give way to durability


All spinning rod lengths lie in the range of 7 feet to 7 feet 6 inches. The split grips are constructed from cork, which makes the rod a superb product that will last a long time. The split might seem a bit big. However, you’ll find it to be crucial during your cast. The poles come in two dimensions, and the 7′ 6″ option is possibly your best choice.

Split hold premium cork fits in hand well. The handle likewise has an ergonomic style. In regards to toughness and mobility, this pole has exceptional credibility of meeting the roughness of angling in the saltwater day in-day out. What this one-piece rod gains in durability, it sheds in mobility, however, so maintain that in mind.


The St. Croix Mojo Inshore is a medium-power, fast-action rod made with St. Croix’s popular SCII graphite. Among the first things you’ll discover about this rod is its viability for saltwater fishing. Also, the line guides are constructed from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel to ensure that rest will undoubtedly be a secondary concern.

The superior-high-quality SCII Graphite imbibes in this rod the responsiveness you need to identify one of the pickiest strikes.

This pole contains Batson Projection ® sturdy aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless-steel structures for drastically enhanced corrosion resistance contrasted to 304 stainless-steel structures while the Fuji ® DPS reel seat/black hoods lock your reel down for prominent fish fighting.


The fast-action layout is ideally matched for fishing with synthetic baits, including soft plastics, on 1/4- to 1/2- ounce jig heads, poppers, walk-the-dog baits, popping, rattling corks, heavy paddle tails, and spoons. It might still be a bit short for anglers with a weak casting.

So ensure that you have the ability to obtain some distance with a shorter pole before investing. For the experienced angler, this is the inshore pole you have dreamt about. It’s fantastically lightweight, considering that it’s constructed from high-grade graphite, and also, the guides are perfect for fishing in an aquatic location.

The rod power is medium light – heavy. This tells us how much stress it requires to bend the pole, which influences the line and also the lure weight a pole is well suited for. The Mojo has a fast action. Once more, this is just how far down the rod it begins to bend.

Slow equals even more of the rod bending, fast is simply the tip, mostly, which is much better matched to the accuracy of a spinning rod.

maintenance & repair Cost

The rod consists of a Fuji DPS reel seat, and tough aluminum-oxide line guides with corrosion-resistant frameworks, premium-grade cork, and also a five-year no hassle warranty. You’ll still require to take proper care, yet the sturdiness will substantially add to the durability of this pole.

And we believe that the five-year warranty is the best component of the Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod.


This is a new specialty rod created explicitly for inshore angling. If you’re trying to find something high-quality that may last for your entire angling life, look no further. It comes hugely recommended for the inshore angler that has some money to put in their passion.

The St. Croix Mojo is a precise winner in our books, and also for the many inshore fishermen. With a price point justified by premium features, and top of the high-quality line products as well as craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong with this one.

OKUMA Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod


4.3 stars

  • Extremely portable
  • High sensitivity
  • Available with a waterproof case
  • A few known cases of the top section snapping off


The Nomad collection of poles utilize a European Faucet Ferrule link for joining the pieces of the rod. This sort of connection provides a feel relatable to a 1-piece pole since the ferrule joints go right into the blank. The Nomad Xpress pole has firm, split EVA grasp that fits the hand well, providing all-day convenience without roughing up your hands.

This rod can be labeled as the ‘finest’ among the poles described here in terms of mobility. The 3-piece rod, comes with a canvas water-resistant carrying case with shoulder strap, and is perfect for an angler who travels a lot.


The Nomad Xpress is a 7′ 3″-piece pole of Graphite (Carbon Fibre) blank construction. It also supplies great toughness and endurance. This pole consists of six aluminum oxide guides + a tip that always stands up against corrosion.


The Okuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod is a traveling fisherman’s ultimate desire. It is capable enough to catch the most impressive fishes, portable enough to get loaded on any airline, exceptionally responsive, and well balanced in hand.

It is necessary to note that a blank that you might try to fit into another piece, for the most part, will certainly not go inside the joining section completely. This is fine and will not impact the rod’s performance. The pipeline reel seat, as well as rubberized gimbal, supply a protected mount even against the toughest catches.

This pole is lightweight with a medium-heavy action and high sensitivity. Perfect to fit any inshore/nearshore fishing job; you will love fishing with this rod. The rod power is medium light-heavy, which provides a respectable variety to tailor the weight of lures and line dimensions to your specific fishing objectives.

maintenance & repair Cost

The Nomad Xpress is a durable, sturdy pole with a graphite build. This imparts it the characteristics of enduring even the roughest conditions while remaining unaffected. In the long term, this translates to minimal maintenance costs.


This is a mid-budget rod from Okuma and as compared to some of the pricier rods out there, it fares well on a lot of our parameters.

Buying Guide For Inshore Fishing Rods


Inshore fishing is an altogether different ballgame from freshwater fishing. Also, the tackle you will need for inshore angling is not the same as regular freshwater equipment. It is harsh and will undoubtedly damage, warp, and mess up material not developed for the harsher elements saltwater angling provides.

Furthermore, you will undoubtedly have to be disciplined in extensively cleansing your inshore fishing equipment after each use. There are several different types of saltwater angling, and also you should select the rod that fits the kind of fishing you will be doing and even the species of fish you are going after.

Surf fishing is done on the coastline as well as includes long casts past the breakers or other barriers. Pier or inshore fishing is extremely comparable because, usually, the angler stands on a pier or different framework, protruding out into the water and casts out from the dock.

Saltwater angling from a yacht or a boat is referred to as either inshore or offshore. Inshore angling is generally done within a mile or two of the shoreline and also in waters less than 100 feet. Offshore is carried out in much deeper waters, usually from ten or even more miles from the coast.

Offshore generally involves jigging, where the lure has been cast a modest range from the boat or trolling, where the lure is pulled along from a moving boat. Along with picking a rod that is suited for the harsher saltwater problems, by matching your pole choice with the style of fishing, you will be doing taking the initial step towards deep-sea fishing.With that being said, the following variables should also affect your choice of the rod:

  • Type Of The Rod
  • Length of the rod
  • Power rating
  • Action of the rod
  • Material used
  • Guides used in the rod
  • Resistance to corrosion

Inshore Fishing Rod Features Explained

Type Of The Rod

It is determined by the sort of reel you will certainly be using, as the reel and pole need to gel well to function correctly. There are two primary types for saltwater fishing: spinning and baitcasting. Spinning reels are placed on the underneath of the rod, ahead of the rod handle.

The line guides are placed the bottom of the rod and developed to manage the line coming on and off the reel spool. Spinning fishing poles work when longer and more repeated casts are required. Spinning reels that are made to make use of a line weight are appropriate for the fish you are going after in surf as well as most inshore fishing.Baitcasting poles have the reel connected to the top of the rod over the handle. Lots of baitcasting devices consist of a trigger grasp near the lower part of the handle to help with control and casts. It’s usually developed to take care of larger baits as well as tackle. Further, it is well matched for offshore jigging or trolling.

Having the line and guides along the top of the pole provide assistance in managing the bigger fish and avoid damage to the rod or our line.

Length Of The Rod

The size is critical when thinking about the casting range and also the convenience of fish and line control in landing that fish. It is of essential value when long casting is desired, as well as can be a critical parameter if you are considering getting some large fishes on your boat.

Longer poles allow for longer castings from the shore or a pier, while shorter rods are a lot easier to manage when reeling in the line and fighting a big catch.

A balance between lengthy and shorter rods is suitable for inshore and numerous offshore fishing expeditions, as a longer pole gives added leverage and doesn’t tire us through a long fight with a fish.

Poles of less than 7 feet are suitable for many inshore and offshore uses, as they offer an excellent bargain between casting distance as well as fish control. Shorter ones are useful in getting the line back on the reel swiftly.

Poles between 7-9 feet are appropriate for casting from piers and also supply the best casts while keeping a well-leveraged pole. Rods over 9 feet are best suited for the long casts needed from the coast when surf fishing. The longer rod casts even more and allows you to keep your line out of floating seaweed or other debris efficiently.

Material Used

Inshore poles are developed and built with lots of modern-day raw materials. Presently, most inshore rods are constructed from fiberglass, graphite, carbon, or a compound of these products. Fiberglass has been the ideal material for deep-sea for years.

Fiberglass is durable as well as reliable; however, it is heavier and also less delicate than modern graphite as well as composite layouts. Graphite has been improved and also significantly enhanced as a building and construction product over the last few years. It is lighter, much more adaptable, and more sensitive than fiberglass.

Graphite is a lot more pricey than fiberglass, and also usually not as sturdy. Additional care must be taken to clean graphite after exposure to the corrosive deep sea saltwater. Compound products create an outstanding combination of sensitivity, strength, and longevity present in both fiberglass and graphite.

Power Rating

Power often refers to the pole’s weight and is usually rated Heavy, Medium Heavy, Medium, Medium Light, Light, as well as Ultralight. Power tells you how rigid the pole is and just how resistant it is to bending when a fish gets on the line.

Lower power generally means much more sensitivity and beneficial for fishing for smaller sized varieties with live bait, while higher power trades the level of sensitivity for strength. Undersizing your rod’s power for extra-large fish will cause unusual difficulty in controlling and landing the fish.

Guides Used In The Rod

Inshore rods need different guides as compared to freshwater rods with guide construction and design being one of the most significant distinctions between the two. Saltwater line guides are made from plastics, steel, aluminum, other metals as well as a ceramic product.

Plastic is the least sturdy and has the lowest efficiency, while ceramic is the highest quality material for deep-sea usage. Rods with a higher guide number will distribute weight much more uniformly along the length of the rod as well as will cast more smoothly.

Resistance To Corrosion

There is no concealing it; the sea is tricky for your gear. This is particularly true for metals. Even on your spinning pole, there are steel components that could be at extreme risk to corrosion if they are not at par. To fight this, it is recommended to make use of a pole with stainless steel parts when fishing anywhere around saltwater.

Action Of The Rod

An action describes the adaptability of the rod when a fish has been hooked and while you are reeling in the line to catch that fish. Poles are generally rated as slow, medium, medium-fast, and fast. Fast action is when more of the flex of the rod is in the direction of the pole tip. Slow action means flex is over the entire rod length.

An action also explains it’s level of sensitivity while awaiting fish to bite. Fast action is usually better for angling with live bait to make sure that lighter bites on the bait will be felt. Slow action works for fishing with plugs where the pole is used to pop the lure out.


We sincerely hope you now understand why we chose the KastKing Royale Legend Rod as the best inshore fishing rod.

We believe we have helped you discover an inshore rod that is excellent for what you’re doing. If you’re getting into the inshore angling arena, you’ll soon find yourself amazed at just how much enjoyable it can be even though you’re not coming face-to-face with monster fishes.

If you have accessibility to the ocean, there’s no reason not to venture out in the water as well as see how much activity there can be in shallower water. Whether you are already knees deep right into it or merely checking the waters, inshore fishing has something for everybody.

With a vast range of tough to battle with and yummy fish all over the coastlines, it is a shame not to take advantage of this fishing opportunity. With a reasonably easy inshore fishing rod setup, you can target a selection of these species.

One of the essential points you should bear in mind is to make use of a medium to a heavyweight rod, a size of at the very least 6 feet or more, and a pole known to have corrosion-resistant qualities. With the details in this article and also our leading inshore rod choices, you must have an effortless time finding yourself one.

Choosing the best pole for inshore fishing includes selecting the right arrangement of the features reviewed here as well as the best rod for the type of inshore fishing you want. We hope this guide has served its purpose. See you in the next article with some even more handy details.

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