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Ugly Stik Elite Review [Updated 2021]


Fishing is always an enjoyable activity. Only with the wrong equipment it could develop into a hard one. Among the most crucial parts of gear for fishing is the ideal sort of pole.

Because there are lots of rods available in the current market, it is essential to decide on the best one. The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is an excellent selection for all anglers, irrespective of their degree of experience.

The rod is a product of a respectable firm. The Ugly Stik has been operating for years and has gained expertise in creating the ideal fishing gear.

Our Verdict

ugly stik elite review our verdict

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod’s universal features, including durability and build quality, are the characteristics any angler, irrespective of ability level and planned use, is searching for. The Ugly Stik fishing rod hasn’t disappointed anglers because of its capacity to capture both little and large fishes.

It’s not hard to use or carry. You can quickly pass it through the doorway, get it in the garage, etc., without hitting on the door frame or even the ceiling. This pole will meet the requirement and the preferences of any angler irrespective of its size.

The pole features the high quality material construction with additional graphite for lighter weight and improved sensitivity. The combo of its design, durability and dependability, is apparent evidence that this is the pole to choose if you’re interested in finding a fishing rod that will provide you value for the money and a superb experience.

All in all, this is a rod that should be in your rod stack right now!

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Bottom line

Latest Price


UGLY stik elite

4.5 stars


A rod that never disappoints with a tempting warranty

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Before We Begin

The Ugly Stik Elite is one of the highest quality poles you will encounter. Searching for a great pole to match your reel? Look no further since the Ugly Stik Elite might become your next favorite. The Ugly Stik Elite has many different sizes and each one is broadly popular.

Ugly Stik Elite Rods are among the world’s most renowned fishing pole on the marketplace these days. The pole isn’t just durable, but in addition, it provides the anglers with a more sensitive and balanced encounter during fishing.

Detailed Analysis


We would be going through the primary features of the Ugly Stik Elite rod and try to identify what makes it a great rod. Then we would be moving on to the section where we list the various pros and cons of the rod and rate it on various parameters. Above we have suggested a few alternatives to the Ugly Stik Elite rod.

This in no way means that those rods are better and Ugly Stik Elite is inferior to them or vice-versa.

Ugly Stik Elite Key Features

ugly stik elite key features


Ease of use

This really is a gorgeous product that’s flexible and compatible with different kinds of lines. For many people, fishing is inconsistent since it’s not possible to understand how long you will do it. Therefore, comfort is a significant facet of the gear.

This pole comes with handles that are easy to grip, assuring that the hooks will also be sturdy, making them dependable.

perfect balance

Where’s the equilibrium of this pole? That can be pretty much the place where holding the rod will not feel exhausting and tiring. It is safe to say that cork handle together with the new and enhanced guides, figure out how to achieve the ideal equilibrium. You’ll have the ability to use the pole for lengthy fishing hours with no problems whatsoever.

That is something fundamental, and it is going to make sure that everything is according to the highest standards. 

multiple size options

Bearing this in mind, you may use it with a stand or without one, based on the form of a fishing trip that you’re about to go on. Whatever the scenario, the pole will function nicely. Ugly Stik includes a range of sizes available that range from 4’6′ ″ to 7’6′ ″ with different weights involving them.

While not precisely associated with the caliber of the pole itself, it is great to know you also can grab a lighter or heavier pole of the identical design should you want it. It stinks having to find a completely different one.

pleasing cork handle

The cork grip is something to love. It is as good as rubber and provides you a nostalgic sense when using it. The Premium Ugly Stik elite pole handle comes with a superb grip that provides friction. It also makes handling comfortable and easy to manage while outside on a fishing excursion even if it becomes wet.


sturdy graphite Rod Blank

For many people, among the most significant problems with fishing sticks is simple breakage. Most companies don’t hit the balance between weight and strength.

That makes it quite challenging to get a pole that’s not difficult to move around and yet remains powerful enough to take care of the fishing. It’s made with graphite that ensures durability and effortless portability. This also creates its versatility and makes it simple to use, leading to a valuable rod.

Stainless steel guides

The Elite gets rid of unnecessary bells and whistles, which may be included in higher-end spinning rods. The handle is made of hard, secure cork, whereas the elongated pole is constructed from graphite. This graphite structure provides the pole an above average strength but retains the overall weight.

The Ugly Stik Elite rod consists of one-piece stainless steel guides that are liable for its high durability and removal of any add on pop-outs.

clear tip design

The Ugly Stik Elite Rod’s Clear Tip design will help in the feeling of the tiniest bite, thereby improving efficiency in reaction time. While the abilities of someone matter, the way the fishing pole is created additionally plays a significant part in whether one can get hold of a fish or not.

The mix of both graphite and fiberglass layout raises the worth of the pole whereas the crystal clear tip makes it rather sensitive.


A Versatile Rod

There are different methods one can use when fishing. However, finding a rod that accommodates everybody’s style is challenging. With this fishing pole, everybody’s style is catered to. It is the perfect fit for whatever sort of water body you select or any fish you’re targeting.

It can be used in saltwater and freshwater bodies to capture all types of fish, which range from bluefish to redfish, trout, and bass. It’s also ideal for the live bait and plastic lures, making it the best multipurpose fishing rod for your fishing ventures.

Power Packed

The ability of the fishing pole is our most important reason why we advised you that it is fantastic for big-game fishing. Typically, when you are striving for bass, for instance, you need to ensure your pole is capable of handling many pounds of tension without worrying that it might snap.

With the Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod that we’re currently looking at, you may rest assured this won’t ever occur. The rod is resistant to bending, and it comes with medium-heavy power capacities, making it suitable for moderately large fishes. Of course, when you want to choose surf casting, you may want to have a look around for something different.

Rod Action & Reel Seats

The action of this rod is fast. This means it will recover fast, and it won’t bend from the halfway point below. This is something rather reassuring, particularly if you are trying for some serious fish. This is a benefit that you may want to be aware of. Based on the size of the pole you purchase, you might have one or two seats.

They are stainless steel and intended for maximum flexibility should you get the slightest of bite at the end of the line. With this pole, you’re going to want any spinning reel which is appropriate for you. Beware of adding more weight, however, because it will become more challenging to manage. The reels themselves are often mounted over the handle.

The benefit of spinning reels would be that they are interchangeable between the right and left hand and thus relevant to a wider variety of experience levels. If you commence using line outside 8lb’s, then bear in mind that this is Ugly Stik’s highest capacity.

Some owners have commented that 10lb lines are producing grooves at the seats, which generally points to breakdown later on.

maintenance & repair Cost

Your long term companion

The Ugly Stik Elite spinning pole includes the ugly tech structure with 35 percent more graphite compared to the GX2 Ugly Stiks. The Elite rods offer anglers a great experience.  Features like light weight, sharp contrast, durability, and strength are what the Ugly Stik fishing rods are notable for.

Therefore, chances of it failing you or proving to be a hassle filled experience are extremely low. These rods have been known to last long with almost negligible maintenance cost and require a basic care routine. And to top it all, it comes with a 7-year warranty.


Angler friendly

For those who do not have a big budget but still want something that will feel like a premium quality rod should buy the Ugly Stik Elite rod. Just like the GX2, it puts some premium rods to shame and comes out shining in various parameters of ratings. This rod has been in the market for quite a long time now and therefore your trust in it cannot go wrong.

UGLY STIK Elite Spinning Rod


4.5 stars

  • Strong tip
  • No problem catching moderately large fishes
  • Friendly price point
  • Flexibility issues
  • Rough usage can snap the rod


The years of expertise that Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod has experienced in the fishing industry have been shown in various ways. It’s had many enhanced features that have projected its performance leading to more enjoyable fishing adventures for customers.

All you need to do is select the most befitting rod dimensions and revel in your fishing excursion. That is undoubtedly among the very best products Ugly Stik has made and is well worth every penny. All in all, if you’re interested in finding a reasonably flexible and multi-functional pole for a low price, then this one is definitely worth having a peek at.

It brings a significant number of advantages, and it is made from high-grade materials. The technologies used behind the rod are robust, plus it is a well-rounded unit with plenty of benefits.

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