Trout Beyond North America: 5 MUST-VISIT Destinations

Trout fishing is a multi-million dollar, worldwide industry. Anglers from all over the globe travel to remote alpine destinations to pursue trout. North America offers anglers some of the best access to healthy trout populations in the entire world. As countries outside of North America improve their care for these sensitive fish, populations outside North America are booming. 

Trout, beyond North America, are found in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. All these continents hold healthy trout populations. Whether wild or native, trout populations outside of North America are plentiful. Cool, clear, oxygenated water with large insect populations exists in nearly every continent. 

Trout fishing outside of North America is equally as beautiful and exciting as what anglers find within the continent. 

Trout in Europe

Europe has rivers and streams trout anglers dream about in their ultimate fly fishing fantasies.

Alpine waters filled with brown and rainbow trout are found in countries like Iceland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and many more.

You can read more about the natural living conditions of rainbow trout in my article on rainbow trout habitat.

Anglers quickly find that trout are protected in many European countries. Special licenses must be purchased to target trout. Plus, anglers must use specific seasons and tackle to catch them. 

Trout waters aren’t as plentiful as in the United States, so the fish see more pressure due to a smaller amount of water and more anglers. The tighter regulations keep trout populations safe. 

Many rivers and streams across Europe contain wild trout populations. They’re able to reproduce on their own without any intervention from countries’ game and fish departments. 

Trout fishing guides aren’t hard to find in the towns surrounding the famous rivers. Like North America, these guides and fly shops depend on tourists to help sustain their income. 

Plus, their local knowledge is priceless. One day on the water with a local guide will help you accomplish that dream European trout fishing experience.  

Trout in Europe

Trout in South America

In South America, anglers can access trophy rainbow trout, sea run brown trout, brook trout, and lake trout.

Even though the waters are south of the equator, much of the landscape is untouched, and the water is set up to hold healthy wild populations of trout. 

Many of the trout in South America are non-native, but many populations reproduce without the involvement of humans. 

Argentina is the most popular place to fish for trout in South America. The access to the coastal waters provides anglers with a chance to catch sea-run trout as well as inland trout. 

Chile is the other prominent trout fishing spot in South America. You have similar access to sea-run trout as in Argentina, but you also get world-class mountain fly fishing.

Gin-clear rivers and extremely healthy trout are found all over the country. 

Plus, you won’t find the rivers crowded like in other parts of the world. You can stay at a world-class lodge, hire a top-notch guide, and have the fishing experience you dreamed of. 

Trout are held in high regard in South America. You’ll find the same passion for trout that you do in places like North America.

Trout in Asia

Since Asia covers nearly 30 percent of the Earth’s land area, it’s no surprise that trout swim through some lakes, rivers, and streams.

Technically, rainbow trout are native to northern regions of Asia, so anglers can catch a native in some Pacific Ocean tributaries. 

You can take a sightseeing trip to Japan and combine it with trout fishing or explore the least populated country in the world, Mongolia, and find them.

Depending on where you’re fishing in Asia, you’ll also find that trout are heavily protected. You’ll also find trout populations in Russia and China.

Native populations are dwindling, and immense fishing pressure in certain areas is causing local governments to crack down on trout fishing. 

Trout fishing trips are still a money maker for countries across Asia, but they are becoming more expensive with the tightened restrictions. 

Trout fishing in Asia is an entirely different experience than what you’d find in many other parts of the world. You’ll find yourself amongst amazing people and staring at the beauty surrounding you. 

Trout in Africa

Believe it or not, Africa holds populations of trout. In Kenya, anglers can find trout descendants of fish brought to the mountains in 1908 by British Colonials.

High in the mountains, anglers find populations of brown and rainbow trout that naturally reproduce and continue to thrive year after year. 

Also, South Africa is a prime destination for many trout anglers. Beautiful trout streams are found throughout the mountains.

Depending on where you choose to go, you’ll get a glimpse of small-stream fishing and big-water fishing. 

Like many continents, your best bet is to hire a local guide to get you to all the best spots.

Not only do guides provide quality access, but they also protect you from any wildlife or other encounters you may face. 

Trout in Africa

Trout in Australia & New Zealand

Australia is a diverse continent with plenty of trout fishing options for anglers. The southern states hold brown, rainbow, and brook trout populations. You’ll find them in the streams that sit high in the mountains. 

Anglers will also find trout in Victoria. In the summer, trout fishing is still available in the high country because the waters are heavily forested, providing necessary protection for the fish.

New Zealand is one of the world’s most productive countries for trout fish. The fish are massive and healthy, giving anglers a new perspective on trout fishing.

Whether you’re after a 40-pound rainbow or a healthy brown trout, New Zealand has the largest and healthiest fish you will find. 

New Zealand should be a bucket list trip for all trout anglers.  

Trout in North America

It’s no secret that trout fishing is a favorite pastime for anglers in North America.

People worldwide travel to the United States and Canada to chase after world-famous rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat, and bull trout.

Combine these with the smaller native populations, and anglers have a lifetime of fishing across the continent. 

Public access in North America isn’t difficult to find. Plus, if you’re willing to pay enough, you’ll get access to rivers, lakes, and streams that give you even better access to trophies. 

Whether you’re fishing in the mountains of South Carolina or the far reaches of British Columbia, you’ll find a healthy trout population.

Game and fish departments pride themselves in caring for trout and see to it that their populations survive. 

North America is the ideal spot for healthy trout populations and exploring wild landscapes. Few continents on Earth make it easier for anglers to plan a trip into the wilderness for trout.

On many trips, anglers don’t need to hire a guide. Proper planning lets you get away from the crowds and not see another angler for your entire excursion. 

Trout Share a Lot of Similarities All Over the World

Trout fishing is a worldwide phenomenon. Anglers get to take skills they’ve learned in their home waters and apply them to trout all over the world.

Regardless of where you go, they’re still the same finicky fish anglers have grown to love. If possible, take yourself on a trip and explore trout fishing somewhere else in the world.

You’ll gain even more appreciation for them than you already have. Local anglers will give you a new passion and desire for these fish.

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not freshwater fishing in the nearest creek or enjoying saltwater fishing by taking boats far in the ocean.

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