Why Do Guys Like Fishing So Much? | 20 Reasons

Many wives and girlfriends can’t understand why guys like to go fishing so much. Whether or not they have tried it, they may not see the same appeal as men.

Guys enjoy fishing for various reasons, and it can be a reminder of their childhood or a way to get out of the house and enjoy nature. Fishing can be a hobby, sport, or method of life, and each guy will have his reasons for throwing his line in the water every chance they get.

If you are looking for more details and some example reasons that guys like to go fishing so much, keep reading as we cover this in more depth below.

20 Reasons Why Guys Like Fishing So Much

Here’s a list of 20 reasons guys like fishing so much. This list is not all-encompassing, but it should cover the majority of reasons that guys like to get out and go fishing.

1. It Reminds Them Of Time With Dad Or Grandpa…

Father-son boating trips are a tale as old as time. Each man in the family can remember when their dad took them fishing and tell them stories about their dad taking them out fishing.

Or some guys went fishing when visiting their grandpa, learning how to tie a hook onto their line or using grandpa’s favorite lure.

Whatever the exact story is, many guys will have fond memories of fishing with their dad or granddad, and these pleasant memories resurface when fishing.

Nostalgia is one of the best feelings to experience, and these memories can be special to a guy.

It Reminds Them Of Time With Dad Or Grandpa

2. Or It’s A Way To Bond With Their Kids

For almost the same reason as the previous entry, any guys with kids might be going out fishing to bond with their kids.

Experiencing those positive memories of fishing influences many guys to do the same with their kids in the hopes of building good memories.

For many kids today, technology has become a part of their everyday life. Taking your kids out fishing is a way for guys to get them to unplug and spend some real bonding time together.

Being out on the water is a great way to answer questions, give advice, or have quiet company in the presence of one another.

3. A Good Way To Share A Beer With Friends

Fishing with other friends can be a great social experience for guys. Ladies, here’s a secret: if a group of guys goes on a fishing trip, they might not even take their fishing rods out.

When you share a beer with friends while fishing, it doesn’t require either beer or fishing, it is just an excellent way to get out in nature and enjoy the company of one another and catch up.

Fishing can be a good reason for some social activities and quiet time. Of course, catching a few fish and having a friendly competition over who can catch the biggest one can always be a great time.

4. They’re Hooked On The Fun

One significant aspect of fishing is that it can be either a solo or group hobby, so many people fish alone simply because they have fun doing it.

For one reason or another, guys have a lot of fun fishing. If we didn’t have a good time going fishing, we wouldn’t keep going.

For many guys, the fun aspect of fishing is probably the number one reason they like doing it so much.

5. Fresh Caught Fish Taste Better

For some guys, fishing is a way of catching a couple of good meals for that night or that week. Something about freshly caught fish and being the one to catch it makes it taste so much better.

Catching your own in-season fish is a great way to guarantee that you have access to the freshest fish, and knowing where it came from is a huge plus for most guys.

Not only that but fishing while camping is also some of the best-tasting food you can catch anywhere.

6. Fishing Is A Good Way For Guys To Unplug

Sometimes all the connectivity that results from the internet can become too much, and guys need a chance to unplug and relax.

Fishing gets you out in nature and gives you something to do not on your phone.

For some, fishing is just an excuse to explore new rivers and go places that they wouldn’t otherwise, and some guys need a reason to focus on something simple and natural for a while.

7. Fishing For The ‘Gram

A study done by Fishbrain in 2018 concluded that 46% of women found guys with a profile picture of them holding a fish more attractive than profiles of guys without fish.

For some men, fishing and getting pictures with those big fish is what they enjoy about the hobby of fishing, and who can blame them?

Having the visual proof of that 8-pound bass, 42” musky, or massive grouper you caught is such a great feeling and fun to show off.

So while some guys like fishing to get away from the internet, others want to go fishing for the clout they get when they show off their catches to their friends.

Fishing For The 'Gram

8. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is so different from other styles of fishing that I felt it deserved its own category in Reasons Why Guys Like Fishing So Much.

Every part of fly fishing is so precise with room for improvement that it can be an addicting hobby for some.

To some guys, the attention to detail fly fishing requires when deciding what fly to use is based on the local wildlife, how to approach the river, and naturally presenting the fly; all of this creates an unmatched feeling at every bite.

9. Some Guys Prefer Fishing To Be Alone

Sometimes a guy needs a bit of time alone to unwind and spend some time with their thoughts. Fishing can offer a great escape and an opportunity to recharge those mental batteries.

This need is especially true for introverts, who need some peace and quiet by themselves to reenergize socially.

Guys who live with their girlfriend or wife and kids sometimes need a quick break from all that to relax and gather their thoughts alone.

Fishing alone with no expectations of needing to interact with another human being can be one of the most incredible escapes for some guys, and the reason that they will go fishing for a morning, at peace.

10. Guys Picked Up Fishing As A Covid Activity

Fishing certainly gained popularity due to Covid lockdowns and social distancing rules. While that is mostly over now, many guys who picked up fishing during the pandemic will still be doing it.

While people were staying 6 feet from one another, fishing offered the perfect activity for those looking for something to do outside and away from other people.

For those fishing before 2020, this meant more crowded spots and competitions. However, for many guys, Covid was the perfect opportunity to pick up fishing and learn a new hobby.

11. Some Guys Like The Competitive Aspect Of Fishing

From a young age, many guys have very competitive personalities, which can carry over into all aspects of life.

Fishing, as a competitive sport, has grown significantly in the past few years and is a mostly male-dominated sport.

Fishing in tournaments is not for everyone, but those with a competitive spirit and a willingness to improve, find an excellent outlet for that competitive energy.

These guys that get into competitive fishing love the thrill of competition and wouldn’t want to fish any other way.

12. Fishing Is A Form of Active Meditation

Whether or not you immediately think of meditation when you hear fishing, fishing can indeed be a form of active meditation.

While men are much less likely to go to a yoga class, catching them out fishing for the same reasons is much more likely.

Active meditation is mindfully doing one activity and focusing on that alone.

Being mindful and experiencing only the act of fishing and the environment around you is the same as meditation, which can help clear a guy’s mind and improve their mood.

13. Three Distinct Sides To The Hobby

The Actual Fishing

Some guys say that there are three different sides to the hobby of fishing. The first side, the actual fishing, is the most apparent reason many people like fishing is getting out there and going fishing.

However, like any hobby, there’s more behind the scenes involving choices in gear and information on what to do when fishing.

These other two sides to the hobby are just as much a reason a guy likes fishing as the fishing itself.

The Actual Fishing

For The Gearheads

Fishing gear is the next side of the hobby, where guys worldwide will have their own opinions on each part. From materials to colors, guys will have their unique idea on the best tackle, lures, rods, and reels.

Some guys might like this side of the hobby more than anything else. Learning about the gear, buying a new rod, and trying a new lure may be fun experiences for them to enjoy.

Learning About Fishing

The third side to fishing is the learning aspect of it. This knowledge can come from many sources, including reading, watching videos, and learning from a mentor.

Naturally curious guys are going to be attracted to this part of fishing, and this is what keeps them in the hobby.

Learning about fishing from other points of view on the internet also scratches that itch for guys who aren’t able to get out there as much as they would like due to work and other commitments.

Watching a video of someone isn’t quite the same but may be an equally enjoyable part of the hobby for some.

14. Guys Might Like Just Being Outside

Some guys like fishing because it gives them an excuse to go outside and soak up the sun while connecting to nature.

With so much of everyday life being indoors in an office or at home, sometimes guys need an extra reason to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Again, some of the best reasons for guys to go fishing have nothing to do with the fishing itself. It’s an excellent way to spend time outside, smell the flowers, feel the breeze, and maybe watch some birds.

And if you catch a fish or two, that’s a good bonus.

15. Fishing Gives Feelings Of Self Reliance And Providing

Writing this as someone from the U.S., where fishing is primarily a hobby, some guys like to go fishing the same way that people enjoy hunting.

In a society where food is easily purchased in a store, having the skills to catch fish and provide food is a skill many guys treasure.

While this isn’t the case everywhere, and many people need to fish every day as a profession and means of feeding their family, a lot of hobbyist fishermen like the feeling of being able to put fish on the table for their family.

16. Men Are Better Mono-Tasking

Scientifically, women are better at multitasking, focusing on several things at once, but men, on the other hand, are better at mono-tasking.

Fishing is one of those mono-tasks that men enjoy because it is one thing on which to focus.

While the reason this difference exists is up for debate, it explains why so many more men enjoy fishing than women.

That’s not to say that women don’t like fishing or that all men like to fish, but it does explain why you see more guys who enjoy fishing.

17. It’s A Battle With The Fish

The act of reeling in a big fish and engaging in that battle of tug of war to reel in the fish without breaking off is a unique experience and something that so many guys enjoy.

Reeling in a fish with the right-sized gear is a great feeling and keeps guys coming back.

Fishing sometimes feels like a battle of wits between man and fish, and sometimes the fish will put up a good fight and figure out how to get off the hook.

While this is always a bummer, the feeling of landing a fish gives guys a sense of pride and accomplishment.

It's A Battle With The Fish

18. Fishing Is An Easy Exercise

Fishing is perhaps one of the most accessible forms of exercise out there and, in combination with being so enjoyable, one of the best ways to exercise.

Anyone of any age can get out and go fishing so that it can attract a broad audience.

Even without realizing it, guys might like fishing because exercise makes you feel healthier and boosts your mood, and fishing is a great way to achieve that outcome.


We hope this article gives you some insight into guys’ minds and why we like to go fishing so much.

For the most part, guys are straightforward, and having a break from distractions and being in nature is the perfect day, even if we don’t catch anything.

However, it is always much more fun when you catch fish, and the feeling of reeling in a monster is always worth chasing. Whatever the reason, guys love to go fishing, spend some time together, or relax alone.

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