Why Is Fishing A Passion? | 10 Interesting Reasons

For many people, fishing was a means of survival. Still, after the commercialization of fishing, most people no longer needed to fish and could reliably purchase fish at their local grocery store. Nevertheless, fishing persists as a passion that shows no signs of slowing.

Fishing is a passion for many people, but the reasons vary from person to person. Some people are passionate about the thrill of catching fish, the gear, a connection with nature, or any number of other reasons. For those passionate about fishing, one thing is for sure: there is no substitute.

Continue reading for a more detailed look into why fishing is a passion for many anglers worldwide.

10 Reasons Why Fishing Is A Passion For People

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and shares something in common with many others: it’s rooted in survival.

While some still rely on fishing for survival, a large group of anglers fish out of a passion for the sport.

Catch and release fishing is a large percentage of the sport, and some people only keep a relatively small amount of fish each year.

If people don’t have to fish, they must be doing it for some other reason, which is why they are passionate about fishing.

1. People Love The Thrill Of The Hunt

One reason many people are passionate about fishing is the thrill of the hunt.

This feeling is hard to put into words, but trying different baits, techniques, and areas in search of finding fish and coaxing them to bite is a unique experience.

Fishing combines luck and skill; while you can’t improve your luck, you can work on your skills.

For some people, improving their skills and being rewarded with catching more fish drives a passion that can’t be matched.

People Love The Thrill Of The Hunt

2. The Gear Fuels The Passion

One of my favorite parts of the hobby, which many anglers feel passionate about, is the gear. Fishing gear can be like any other hobby revolving around collecting items, bringing joy from them.

Certain brands can build a passionate following around their gear that people enjoy collecting and using to catch fish.

It’s not uncommon to find an angler who spends more time with their equipment than fishing, which is just one way to fuel their passion.

3. Fishing Is A Passion To Be In Tune With Nature

For some people, fishing is a way to enjoy their passion for nature, as fishing and enjoying nature can be one and the same.

While the emphasis might be directed towards nature more than fishing, using fishing as a tool to enjoy nature drives some people.

Searching for remote spots away from the crowds and bustle of modern life in alpine lakes or hidden rivers is a great way to experience nature in a way that is challenging to find.

Experiencing peace in nature is part of what makes fishing something easy to be passionate about the sport.

4. The Passion Of Competing Fuels Some People

Competition can be a powerful passion, causing people not only to strive to be good at something but to be the best at something.

Not everyone has a competitive nature, but those who do can be passionate about how they express it.

While the number of people who fish competitively might seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the total number of people who enjoy fishing, it is one of the fastest-growing sports and still garners millions of followers.

The Passion Of Competing Fuels Some People

5. Practical Fishing Drives The Passion For Some

The feeling of self-sufficiency is mainly lost for many people worldwide, especially in the U.S., but many people strive to return to a different time and live off the grid.

People who want to care for themselves and their families might turn to fish as a part of this mission.

Stocking freezers with seasonal fish or putting a freshly caught meal on the table is a unique feeling and can be a significant source of passion in the lives of many anglers.

Fishing can be a great way to enjoy yourself and get a practical benefit from the act.

6. Looking For A New Challenge, People Turn To Fishing

To be mentally and physically stimulated, many people find passion in hobbies that challenge them and drive self-improvement. Fishing is an excellent example of one of these challenging hobbies.

Fly fishing might require hiking out to a remote river to catch migrating salmon, ice fishing requires braving the cold weather, and traditional fishing trips might force you to get up well before dawn to make it to your spot during the best times.

Whatever the challenge is, many people are passionate about doing something difficult and sticking with it, giving themselves a sense of pride and accomplishment.

7. People Fish To Get In Their Exercise

In the same way that people can be passionate about bodybuilding, running, biking, or any other workout method, fishing can be a way to get exercise and feel healthier.

In this case, the passion for fishing might be fueled by the natural hormones released while undergoing physical activity.

The feeling of getting exercise, combined with the fun aspect of fishing, makes it a unique hobby.

8. Outdoorsy People Are Passionate About Outdoors Skills

Bushcrafting is just one subset of skills that specific individuals are passionate about developing.

Creating a way to catch fish with limited materials found in nature is an example of people passionate about outdoor skills.

Or, for those who enjoy camping, fishing might be an activity that they consider an essential part of the experience and makes their time outdoors as enjoyable as they prefer.

People enjoy being outdoors and are passionate about it for many different reasons, and fishing is a crucial addition to their time in nature.

9. Fishing Can Be A Cultural Passion

For certain cultures, fishing is a significant part of the heritage and history of the culture.

People practicing those cultures might be passionate about their traditional fishing methods and use them to feel in tune with their past.

Since fishing was one of the most reliable ways to gather protein for thousands of years, most cultures will have their unique spin on how to do it.

Around the world, we can see a difference in fishing rods, tackle, baits, and different methods of using traps or spears for fishing.

Fishing Can Be A Cultural Passion

10. Fishing Is Fun, And That’s Reason Enough!

Finally, people might be passionate about fishing just because it’s fun!

It is hard to define precisely why something is a passion widely shared by so many people, but one thing is for sure, people would not do it if it weren’t fun.

Certain factors might increase people’s fun, such as chasing a personal best, doing it with their family, or using it as an excuse to take a new trip.

Whatever the reason, fishing is certainly a passion that people do because they enjoy it.

Why Are You Passionate About Fishing?

To wrap up, if you enjoy fishing, ask yourself why you are passionate about fishing. Is it the peacefulness of being outside early among the stillness of morning?

Or do you think it is fun to catch a big fish? Whatever the reason, fishing is a time-honored tradition that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Get out there and enjoy it, try new things, and use it to bond with the other anglers in your life.

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not freshwater fishing in the nearest creek or enjoying saltwater fishing by taking boats far in the ocean.

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